The Boats
New remanufactured boats are crafted by hand just like their predecessors of the 1950's. Following the original design, the same screws, glues, jigs, machinery, and equipment to include band saws, planers, and polishers are used. Additionally, boats incorporate Z-Spar Varnish, and have Coast Guard regulated flotation, steering, and lighting.
   •  The steering wheel is a top-quality mahogany custom wheel.
   •  Your boat can be paired with a custom trailer painted to match the boat.
   •  Boats come as original, but can be customized to your specifications for paint choices and seat colors.
   •  Give us a call to discuss your boat finished as original or the way you like.

Torpedo 16 Price: $16,500

Torpedo Price:

Typhoon Price: $12,500

Unfinished Model: $6,900 comes completely assembled, with hardware, and ready for you to add your touch!

For the current flyer and specifications for the Torpedo 16, click here.
For the current flyer and specifications for the Torpedo, click here.
For the current flyer and specifications for the Typhoon, click here.
For the current flyer of the unfinished model, click here.


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The Models
Exact replicas of the AristoCraft torpedo are available in a 15 inch model with pewter hardware, working lights, and custom showstand. These models are suitable for pairing with your vintage toy outboard motor for display.

Price: $350.00 plus s/h

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The Bookcase
The unique bookcase is tailored after the 12 foot AristoCraft Typhoon, complete with windshield assembly and hardware. It comes with five shelves made of 1/2" plexiglass, and Halogen lighting. What a perfect display case for the boating enthusiast! The bookcase is approximately 4 feet wide and 7'6" tall.

Price: $2,800 plus s/h

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The AristoCraft Logo Items
Pennant - $35.00 plus s/h
Ashtray - $40.00 plus s/h (aluminum replica of 1950's ashtray)
Embroidered clothing items - call for current selection as styles change often.